Our Delicious Australian Cherries

Cherries Direct delivers premium cherries direct from the cherry farm to your door from a select group of the world’s best and most committed cherry producers. In summer our cherries are grown in New South Wales and Tasmania.

Cherry growing by nature is an intensive and specialist endeavour, often complicated by significant climatic risk. The foundations of Cherries Direct are built on a collective experience and knowledge which spans five generations of dedicated and committed Australian and U.S. orchardists.

Only cherries of the highest quality and freshness are selected so every box opened will deliver the sweet crisp crunch and flavour that only farm direct fruit can provide.

Our Australian Cherries (available November - February)

Our early summer cherries for will be from the Young district in NSW. The Young district is located 376 km west of Sydney via the Hume Freeway and named after an early NSW Governor. Original inhabitants were the Burrowmunditory Aborigines with white settlement beginning in 1826. Rich gold discoveries (1860) were followed by fruit and grain growing. The town is now famed for its cherries that were first cultivated in 1878 by the Jasprizza and Cunich families. By 1923, Young had the world’s two largest cherry orchards as well as a diverse range of other fruit being grown such as Apples, Figs, Plums, Peaches & Nectarines.

From this time onwards, Young grew through the 1900’s to become the Cherry capital of Australia. Over the last 10 years, many of the smaller holdings and growers have retired whilst a few families have continued expand their production base to become the largest and most progressive growers in the district.

Cherries are picked and cooled to 4 Deg C. within one hour of harvest. The cherries are then packed throughout the day and despatched overnight to you.